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Undocumenteds File Court Docs Against U.S.

PISTOL CREEK -- Calabash County Circuit Court Judge Aristotle Needlemensch has granted class action status to a suit originally filed by Juan Hector Montoya Pechuko against the United States government, specifically the Departments of Housing and Urban Development, Health and Human Services and Homeland Security.

"We are very pleased with the judge's ruling," said Clinton Svinktaogle, President of the local chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union. "It is about time that this government be held accountable for the fraud and willful deceit that has reeked havoc upon and irreparably harmed innumerable Hispanic families."

Pechuko, El Jefe of the Concerned Latinos for Amnesty and Parity, claims to have suffered extreme emotional distress shortly after illegally entering the country, which has left him unable to work.

"I risked my life to cross the Rio Grande and the Arizona desert to make a better life for myself," said Pechuko. "I yearned to pursue the so-called American dream. Instead, I found myself in Detroit. I wish the Border Patrol had caught me and sent me back."

In an amicus brief filed with the court, CLAP detailed the striking similarities between the slums of Mexico City and the Motor City, as well as the actions of the United States to lure unsuspecting foreigners into the country to do the jobs Americans won't do, to live in the places where Americans won't live and to eat the foods that Americans won't eat.

"What good is amnesty if there is no parity?" asked Svinktaogle.

The suit, which is asking for unspecified damages, could now involve as many as 11 million plaintiffs.



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