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Microsoft Denies XP Service Pack Explosions

REDMOND -- Microsoft denied today that its Windows XP Service Pack 1a is responsible for a rash of recent personal computer explosions.

"These bogus stories are just a new twist on a well documented urban legend that has been largely discounted," said company spokesman Paige N. Tiernet. "Besides, everyone knows the real problem is with those Pentium chips overheating."

The Intel Public Relations Department stammered a hasty 'no comment' when queried about the remarks made by the world's largest software company.

"I had the case off my P-4 3.2 gigahertz CPU and was installing the XP Service Pack when BLAMMO -- there was a loud crack and a bunch of smoke and something shot out of it and across the room," said local Electronic Penta-Decathelonean Buster Higglesbottom. "Usually you just trash some DLLs or program files, but this was like a really cool Xbox game."

Windows XP Service Pack 1a (SP1a) provides the latest security and reliability updates to the Windows XP family of operating systems, and includes Internet Explorer 6 SP1. Windows XP SP1a is designed to ensure Windows XP platform compatibility with newly released software and hardware, and includes updates that resolve issues discovered by customers or by Microsoft's internal testing team.

Entertainment Tonight reported that Mythbusters special effects expert Jamie Hyneman was seriously injured while filming an attempt to recreate the exploding PC phenomenon. The Discovery Channel declined all comment except to announce an airing date of the episode for November Sweeps.

In a related development, the Maharashtra Bell Telephone Company reported circuit overloads from an unusually high volume of Microsoft customer service calls, interrupting phone service in greater metropolitan Bombay.



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