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BS Proves Reaganomics BS

PISTOL CREEK JUNCTION -- A Pistol Creek University professor, F. Marcus Engels, has claimed to have debunked supply-side economic theory, popularly known as Reaganomics, by identifying a substance that defies all known laws of Supply and Demand.

"The travesty that is this so-called voodoo economics must be stopped for the sake of all humanity," said Engels, who heads the nonpartisan October Institute. "Misery is the only thing that trickles down to workers, while the rich just keep getting richer."

The central concept of supply-side economics is Say's Law: "supply creates its own demand." The slope of the demand curve (downward to the right) indicates that a greater quantity will be demanded when the price is lower. On the other hand, the slope of the supply curve (upward to the right) tells us that as the price goes up, producers are willing to produce more goods.

"Contrary to this cockamamie theory, there is an endless supply of 'bull shit' and yet nobody wants it," explained Engels. "And in spite of the fact that no consumer will pay for BS, producers are willing to fabricate an ever greater supply of it."

Oddly, though Engels claims his findings are the death knell for the so-called conservative revolution and the Republican Party's hold on power, few Democratic politicians have embraced his claims.



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