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But It's a Dry Heat

TOUGALOO -- Global Warming came under attack from an unexpected quarter that has enraged the world scientific community. Professor J. Harlan Yalobusha, Professor of Meteorology at Tougaloo University, near Jackson, Mississippi, has released data findings that he claims debunk the apocalyptic predictions of environmental doom from the effects of excess greenhouse gasses.

"Over the course of the 20th century, evaporation rates have actually reduced worldwide," explained Yalobusha. "So even if the world's average temperature is rising, it doesn't really feel too bad because the heat index is not so high."

Without increased evaporation, the heavier rains, more severe storms and more extreme weather predicted by global warmists are unlikely to occur, thereby placing in doubt the presumed threats from sea-level rise that will gradually inundate coastal areas, changes in precipitation patterns, increased risk of droughts and floods, threats to biodiversity, and the numerously postulated expected challenges for public health.

"This yahoo doesn't know what he's talking about," said Digby Dalhaber, Chair-sapien of the Citizens for Leaving Alone the Planet. "He's from Mississippi for crying out loud. He's just a stooge for the Bush Administration."

Yalobusha's computer models show the overall inhabitability of the earth will actually improve in the second half of this century with less humid conditions near the equator and warmer year round temperatures closer to the poles.

Canadian Board of Tourism officials have expressed an unexplained interest in Yalobusha's study.



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