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Muslim Clerics Call for Destruction of Idaho

POCATELLO -- The Arab street erupted in violence after Ayatohlah Sayid Mehmoodi declared a fatwa pronouncing a death sentence for an Idaho man who claims to have found a potato purported to have an image of the Prophet Mohammad on its skin and calling for a jihad against the Gem State.

"I thought the spud looked like Omar Sharif and I said so to Alma right from the first, cause Doctor Zhivago is Alma's favorite flick," said retired postal worker Wendell Ecklespeck, who found the offending potato in the produce section of his local Albertsons on East Benton Street. "I don't even know what this Mahatma fella looks like. Besides, God grew that tater, not me."

Muslims consider it sacrilegious to produce a likeness of the Prophet Mohammad. The Mudcat Falls Times-Herald-Post-Picayune-Press-Gazette-Times has chosen to not show the Russet Burbank in question out of respect for Islam and instead will present an artist rendering.

In continuing protests, Palestinian gunmen shut down the J.D. Byrider used car dealership Thursday in Gaza City, writing on the door that the office would remain closed until "Imperialist American Couch Potatoes" apologize to Muslims, Palestinian security sources told CNN, which caused a temporary abatement of car bombings in the area.

Wearing masks, the men -- from Islamic Jihad and the al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades, the armed wing of Fatah -- fired bullets into the air and one of them read demands.

While Idaho Governor Dirk Kempthorne has appealed to the Department of Homeland Security to have the state declared a condition orange, high risk alert area and has requested federal security for the Albertsons grocery store chain headquartered in Boise, the local Aryan Nations Church has vowed to fight to the last man standing in the state's rugged panhandle section.

"Remember Ruby Ridge," was the rallying cry heard from two dozen neo-Nazi demonstrators who marched on the state capitol building.

The clash has also had commercial repercussions. Ore-Ida has reported falling sales of Tater Tots in the Middle East amid calls for boycotts.



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