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Non-Plussed Experts Pow-Wow

BOSTON -- A conclave of academics, experts, advisors, researchers, consultants and professional prognosticators met in secret at Harvard University this week to apply their considerable brain power to solving the riddle of reversing their free falling credibility in the eyes of the general public.

Mudcat Falls Community College Adjunct Professor Gunther Uberflassen, founder of the Council to Limit the Astonishment of Pundits, presented the results of a study documenting the growing disconnect between reality as reported by journalists and the cited opinions of economists, political analysts, medical researchers, sociologists, and sporting event color commentators. The study demonstrated a direct correlation between that so-called "Incredulity Chasm" and rising unemployment among consultants, as well as steadily falling expert fee revenues.

"We're starting to look like fools," said Uberflassen. "And the only ones in our field of work who can really get away with such a poor track record are Meteorologists."

A Lexus-Nexus search confirmed that no matter what the news of the day, "experts" are consistently cited as being "surprised" by reported events, whether it is Labor Department unemployment numbers, political election results, stock market closings, the latest medical study conclusions or the outcome of sporting events.

Most of the attendees were flabbergasted at the results of the CLAP study.



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