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Union Protests Spread to California

SAN FRANCISCO -- A wildcat strike by the California Legislators, Administrators and Paper-pushers Local #19 shut down city hall yesterday, as hundreds of members and sympathizers staged a sit-down to call attention to their demands for the right of workers to retire with dignity.

While most public sector unions across the nation are battling just to maintain existing wage and benefit packages, CLAP Local #19 is demanding new benefits from the City of San Francisco, including a call for Master Contract Article 29 Sick Leave Days be extended to all retirees.

"When you're young, you don't really get sick all that often and most people do not use their full allotment during the year," said Brutus McLewis, President of Local Nineteen. "When you really need those medical leave days is when you're old and infirm."

Ben Rosenfield, Controller for the City and County of San Francisco, claimed that such a concession would cost billions of dollars, which would bankrupt the local government.

"Not our problem," said McLewis. "We have an absolute constitutional right to retire with dignity and benefits. We want it and we want it now."

CLAP Local #19 is also seeking to expand the scope of allowable medical leave documentation to include excuse notes from alternative medicine practitioners, including medical marijuana shop owners, feng shui consultants and psychics.

It is expected that the union will be successful in their contract negotiation, as the San Francisco Board of Supervisors is represented by California Legislators, Administrators and Paper-Pushers Local #13.



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