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Ice Pack Grows, Alarm Increases

WASHINGTON DC -- As scientists continue to document the growth of the Antarctic ice pack, environmental groups are sounding the alarm at the dangerous implications for planet Earth.

In 2002, a team of scientists from NASA's Jet Propulsion laboratory and the California Institute of Technology used satellite radar to measure the thickness of the Western Antarctic Ice Sheet and found it to be growing by approximately 26 billion tons per year. Researchers at the University of Missouri at Columbia have recently concluded that the Eastern Antarctic Ice Sheet is growing as well, by nearly 45 billion tons per year.

The Antarctic and Greenland ice sheets are up to 7,900 feet thick and cover 10% of the world's land area. A 7.9 foot change in the ice sheet's thickness, only one-tenth of one percent, could cause as much as a three inch change in the level of the world's seas.

While most studies have focused on coastal ice sheet losses and their contributions to sea level rise, these recent scientific findings seem to indicate that a 10,000 year period of retreat from Ice Age maximums may now be over, resulting in a lowering of the world's sea level.

"This news is particularly alarming to those of us who love this planet and fear for its future at the hands of man," declared Digby Dalhaber, Executive Director of Citizens for Limiting American Proliferation (CLAP). "The last thing we need is an even bigger America to suck up more of the world's natural resources and to pump more pollution into the air and water to kill us all."

A recently released CLAP white paper explained that the United States has 12,383 miles of coast line and that a three inch sea level recession will add 17,653,204 square feet of land area to its territory annually, pushing its borders relentlessly closer and closer to Europe every year.

The United Nations General Assembly has introduced a emergency resolution calling for any lands reclaimed from the oceans by the United States, by either global warming or global cooling, be ceded to the body for re-distribution to third world countries.

Once again, the Bush Administration appears intent on ignoring world opinion by indicating it would exercise its Security Council privileges to veto the resolution.



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