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Descending into a Quackmire

Into the rogues gallery of journalism -- joining Janet Cooke's "Little Jimmy", NBC Dateline's exploding pickup trucks, Stephen Glass' "Hack Heaven", CNN's Baghdad Blackout, and Jason Blair's Beltway Bull Crap -- we now, regretfully, must welcome the Pistol Creek Eagle-Beacon.

While we appreciate the importance of civic pride, how a responsible editor can knowingly allow his own reporters to wage a journalistic jihad against a neighboring community is completely beyond our comprehension.

Since retractions have not been forthcoming from our sister (and we use that term in the fullest Bette Davis-Joan Crawford sense of the metaphor) publication, let us take a moment to set the record straight:
After each and everyone of these stories was picked up and distributed by the wire services, our only hope now is that CBS's Sixty Minutes II will set the record straight after their recent visit in the upcoming episode on our fair city.



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