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A Cross Too Far

While we love our country and fear our government, and we have often found ourselves cheering on the efforts of the ACLU to defend our constitutional rights, their latest initiative, frankly, leaves us feeling a bit squeamish.

Although Christmas time is undoubtedly the "Silly Season" of the legal profession -- what with lawsuits flying far and near against mangers, carols and Christmas trees in defense of the sacred "Establishment Clause" making for its own unique holiday traditions -- to sue Arlington National Cemetery to have all of the crosses removed to preserve the separation of church and state spooks us.

It's one thing to cross swords with elementary school kids over 'under God' in the Pledge of Allegiance or the singing of "Silent Night" at the winter holiday pageant.

But, whether you believe in a supreme being or not, to risk potential retribution from the netherworld by 200+ years worth of warriors who died in battle and are probably a bit upset about it, is teasing the untethered rottweilers of fate.

We think it best to let sleeping doughboys lie -- no matter what the First Amendment says.



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